The Constitution guarantees each individual an absolute right to an attorney. Representing yourself may not be in your best interest.

Whether you are charged with a traffic offense or a serious felony, the attorneys at Brady Brady Delaney Young, P.A. understand how important your case is to you. We can help you understand the charges, the possible consequences, explore your options, and present a credible defense. As your attorney, we will give your case the attention it deserves. We will take the time to learn about you, as well as the facts and circumstances of your case.

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Missed court? We can help. If you have missed your court date, your case may have been marked “Called and Failed.” For certain charges, an order for your arrest may have been issued. Should you have failed to appear in Court or failed to take care of a prior traffic violation, we can assist you in Cumberland County or locate an attorney who can help you in other North Carolina counties.

In many cases, and probably important to you, we can represent you without you having to appear in Court. This will save you the inconvenience of taking time away from your family and work responsibilities.

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If your North Carolina driver’s license or driving privilege has been revoked, we can determine if you are eligible for a Limited Driving Privilege or for reinstatement of your operator’s license and help you get back on the road.

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In the legal areas of traffic offenses and Driving While Impaired, the attorneys of Brady Brady Delaney Young, P.A. are experienced trial attorneys. Roll through a stop sign or accidently run a red light and, thankfully, no accident? Then you see on your citation that you can conveniently pay by mail. Unbeknownst to you, by doing so you have entered a plea of guilty. Pleading guilty to or being convicted of any driving offense has consequences that can include an increase in insurance premiums as a result of receiving points on your license and, in some cases, the loss of your privilege to drive.

A conviction of Driving While Impaired can have additional consequences including the mandatory loss of your driving privilege, substantial fines, as well as the loss of your freedom should a jail sentence be imposed. Because of these far-reaching consequences, it is essential that you have dedicated and zealous legal representation. As your attorney, we will explore each step of the process to make sure the law was followed and your rights are protected.

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Divorce within the legal system is a serious matter and can be daunting and unfamiliar to the citizens of North Carolina. Divorce itself has various components, all of which may not apply to everyone who has or is contemplating separating from one’s spouse. Our firm can help you through the complicated legal process by advising you of your rights, your legal options and informing you of the local Cumberland County procedures and practice for your issues.

We help those people who are married and may have claims for absolute divorce (based on one year’s continuous separation of the husband and wife), separation agreements (final terms on all issues agreed upon by both husband and wife), custody (for married, un-married, and separated people), child support, postseparation support (temporary alimony), alimony (spousal support), equitable distribution (property acquired during the parties’ marriage), step-parent and relative adoptions, name changes (both adult and minors) and civil restraining orders (both 50B domestic violence restraining orders and 50C stalking restraining orders).

There are now only two grounds for Divorce in North Carolina. All fault grounds have been abolished.

1. Separation for one year
If a husband and wife have separated with the intent of ending their marital relationship and have lived separate and apart for one year without resuming their marital relationship, either may file for divorce, provided one of the parties has been a resident of the state for at least six months. Spouses living in the same house are not living separate and apart. Whether there has been a resumption of the marital relationship during the separation period will be determined by all of the circumstances. Isolated incidents of sexual intercourse during the separation period will not be considered a resumption of the marital relationship.

2. Incurable insanity
Where a husband and wife have lived separate and apart for three years because of the incurable insanity of one of them, the sane spouse may petition for divorce.

We offer initial consultations on any domestic or divorce issue you might have for a small fee. We have appointments daily to meet with potential clients. Domestic issues are some of the most important issues you will encounter in the legal system because they affect your children, your lifestyle and your future so it is always best to seek the advice of an attorney before you make any decisions.

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